Career Consulting

"Don't be pushed by your problems ~ be led by your dreams."
When we are doing something we love we are happy, we feel energized and time flies by. Conversely, when we are doing something we dislike, we are not happy, it drains our energy and time drags on. While many people subscribe to the theory that they are "not defined by what they do" if what you dislike is your career, it may be defining you more than you like. In addition to being unhappy for the one-third of each day you spend at your job, it is almost impossible to not have it spill over and affect the other two-thirds of your life.

Career consulting with Leadership Coaching Institute offers a unique perspective for assessing your current situation, identifying where you want to be and developing a plan of action for each step in the process.

So whether by choice or by chance you find yourself climbing the ladder, looking for a different ladder, or don't have a ladder, we can help you take control of your career and move in the direction of your dreams!