Career Consulting, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and Resume Development Rates.

"Sometime the questions are complicated and the answers are simple."
~Dr. Suess
We publish our rates so you have the information immediately - no contacting someone to wait for a reply, we hate that too! We understand that when you are ready to start the process it's exciting and you want to have all the information needed to make your decision. We offer several options so you can choose what's right for you.

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Description: Includes: Price:
Single session:
This is a great way to start the process or for a quick check in.
One - 50 minute session. $150.00
The Journey of Discovery:
If you know you want to make changes but don't know where to start this is a great place. This package will allow you to explore options, help you identify and clarify your goals.
Four - 50 Minute Sessions
(1 month)

$125.00 per session!
The Ultimate Journey:
If you are committed to making positive changes this is a great way to make it happen and take advantage of our highest discount pricing!
Eight - 50 Minute Sessions
(2 months)

Unlimited e-mail access
$100.00 per session!
Resume Development - Basic:
Resume for students and recent graduates.
(one time fee) $200.00
Resume Development - Mid-Career:
Resume for mid career, four or fewer positions.
(one time fee) $300.00
Resume Development - Executive:
Executive Resume for, five or or more positions.
(one time fee) $400.00
WomenVenture Clients
WomenVenture is moving in a new direction and no longer offering this service to their clients, we are proud to offer this special rate for any WomenVenture clients interested in career consulting or life coaching!
1 hourly session $50.00

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