Resume Writing Services

"Success means having the courage, the determination and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be."
~George Sheehan
Why is writing our own resume so hard? It's our own personal information and history that makes it up and we know what that is, right? While we know its good practice to keep it updated, we put it off until we find ourselves in need of one…. Pronto!

To write an effective resume, we need to feel confident about ourselves, as well as our skills and abilities. Now, let's think about when we might need our resume. Maybe you are in a job you hate, or maybe you find yourself laid off from a job you love, either way you are most likely in a place where you are not feeling positive and confident. When you feel rejected, unappreciated or under-valued, it's hard to convey on paper just how great you are and what an asset you would be for an organization.

What makes us different? At Leadership Coaching Institute there are no resume templates. We believe that a resume should be much more than a laundry list of jobs, but rather a true reflection of who you are. We provide a holistic approach to resume writing through our co-creative process. The process will help you uncover your strengths and identify goals so your resume can reflect not only where you have been but where you want to go. More than just a transfer of information, it is a transformational experience!

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